Building Teams Starts With YOU.

Why is it so hard to get people to work together? We do more than just infect you with “feel good” once off experiences. We’re about creating long lasting value for you and your team! We’ve worked with international clients to build sustainable winning teams with a holistic approach that supports your business strategy for growth.


Problem Solving.

We partner directly with business leaders and/or organisations that are professionally registered with the PCO Alliance to lead the co-creation and development of solutions that address individual, team and organisational effectiveness.

Problem Finding.

We frequently ‘bubble hop’ across industries and network partners to discover team effectiveness problems so that our clients can proactively support and sustain the growth of their business.

WHY We Do WHAT We do.

One word. SHARED VALUE. We want your investment to stand the test of time! We want your  teams to win! We want our clients to experience value for money.

We care about our country and it’s people. We believe in the potential of our country and the continent of Africa. We know that we are stronger together! Our intention is to always these hold these truths when we consult with our clients and implement team building projects. Mark Dio’s ability to lead, serve, create and innovate is lead by his belief and recognition of the African principle of ubuntuI AM Because You Are.

Surviving cancer was more than a life changing experience, it was the spark that ignited this investment and efforts to building a legacy and a business that will deliver meaning and impact; provides jobs and opportunities for others and can support non-profit organisations who have a value congruence for how I  believe businesses should Be in the world.” Mark Dio, Founder of Mark Dio & Associates

 We do team building in the ways that matter – helping innovators thrive or connecting innovators who want to build a team that improves the world!

Team Building

Actuations give teams the opportunity to explore how well and how much better they can collaborate to create and innovate.

Team Interactions

Interactions give teams the gift of perspective and insights to challenge their cognitive bias and enhance their innate abilities.

Team Energisers

From toxic work environments to establishing new teams, delivering results take an energy team that is collectively focused.

I truly believe that a person's worth is measured by the worth of what he values. Healthy, dynamic and collaborative relationships where businesses can thrive is a value I hold dear to my heart. It’s not only how I work to support my clients, but it’s how I co-create solutions to the challenges they face! I am all about value for money!

Mark Diogenidis

Founder of Mark Dio & Associates | Team Building Specialist

What I appreciate most about how Mark works is that he asks a lot of questions and pays attention to the detail of the solution we are exploring to a team development challenge. He is a creative, seasoned team building professional who knows how to create a memorable experience and executes with expert-ease!

Michelle Ashen

Marketing Executive & Professional Coach.

Mindfulness based Stress Reduction.

Our clients and friends enjoy discounted access to experience Jon Kabat-Zinn’s 8-week MBSR program as well complimentary guided meditations to support your practice of mindfulness.

Insights from team Builders and Team Leaders.

We work with companies across a variety of industries. We interview leaders who are experiencing success in their life and with their teams. Learning from others what works guides us in building teams that win.

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We Build Teams By Connecting them.

From startups to legends. We support individuals and teams in unlocking their true point

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Building A Team Is A Commitment.

Sometimes it's the leaders who need support in order to build bigger and better!

Teamwork Can Make Your Dream Work.

As a team we believe that when we build good things, the things we do end up building us! We don’t just design once off solutions, but also provide and offer a holding space for our clients to continue their journey with access to complimentary and discounted products and services that empower individuals with the tools to manage their own self mastery. A journey with us doesn’t only benefit the leader and corporate, it benefits surrounding communities as well!

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