Problem Finding

Whether your team needs to be better at problem finding or responding to the problems found – we have team building solutions that will support your business in achieving it’s growth targets! Problem finding involves critical thinking, the ability to focus and an attention to detail. We know that when teams are under pressure that the ability to find problems can be lacking which can result in more fragmented and frustrated teams.

Finding Solutions To Problems.

Problem finding means problem discovery. Problem discovery means suspending judgement, having healthy functioning teams and an environment that supports creativity to enable solutions to emerge. We believe that team building starts with the individual which is why we support your ongoing self development through complimentary tools and recommendations of apps we have tried and tested. 

How Do We Find Problems?

That depends on your sweat level! Click on the sweat level to determine how much you’re prepared to do as a team to become experts at problem finding! How much are you prepared to sweat? We have a menu of options available. Why not grab a cup of coffee, download our menu of options and browse through what we have available to support your teams today.

Consulting & Co-Creating

You find the problems, we’ll be your thinking partner in finding solutions. We have a network of associates and expert thinking partners that we consult with, alternatively we will partner with you and your thinking partners to collaborate and co-create solutions that support individual, team and organisational effectiveness. When you win, we win!