Self Care is Team Building

Self care is about so much more than taking time out to rest, have some fun or go on adventure at the end of work day or on a weekend. It’s about taking the time to make sure you have sufficient mental and physical capacity to show up to work and deliver your best.

When you are taking care of yourself, you will provide better service to your customers and clients. In addition, you’ll likely have better results and outcomes in all aspects of your life. Here are four ways to create a culture of self care, one that is based on intention, not expectation.

Define what self care means for you. Self care does not always mean the same thing to everyone.

At Mark Dio & Associates, it about being able to enjoy and appreciate the connections we make with others, and to be present in our lives.

“I love the fact that I’m making little steps towards taking better care of my self. I am less overworked, more energized and more open to explore opportunities and relationships that fall into my lap. I am more confident, relaxed and happy” says software developer Mangaliso Twala.

Self care is about making sure you have enough mental and physical energy to design and live the life that makes you feel whole, engaged, and happy. It’s about placing value on yourself, on your relationships and on your life.

Not taking care of yourself, actively self sabotaging yourself is one way of risking it all. Your wellbeing, your life, your job and your relationships. Team building is about supporting an individuals to reconnect with their own potential and within their teams. It’s about discovering or with some of our clients, rediscovering that they have unlimited potential and can in fact achieve what may be perceived as unrealistic goals.

We cannot effectively problem solve, much less problem find if we are stressed, unhealthy and unfit. Self care and team building should be a business imperative and not a once off fun day in the sun. At Mark Dio & Associates we pride ourselves in supporting leadership teams to design experiences and interventions that are impactful and memorable long after we have gone. Contact us today for more information.

Team Building Requires Frequency 12 July 2022

Regular team building interventions is important to keep a team energised and collaborative so that they can effectively achieve their goals. Whether it’s short and fun introductions at a meeting, answering a personal check in for authentic connection or a meditative moment where the leader holds space – daily team building moments are critical enablers that empower teams to successfully respond to the challenging economic conditions that organisations need to navigate.

The economic situation has changed considerably over the past year and in many cases, it is the people within an organisation who are driving initiatives to increase the success of their organisations. They are winning the hearts and minds of executive leadership teams, managing effectively and being recognised for their achievements. The ‘I-We’ principle is key to people having a greater impact as well as corporations delivering higher returns on their investments in people.

If the organisation’s leadership is not regularly experiencing moments of connection and collaboration with the team, then it is easy for the team to disconnect from the organisation’s goals and values and not consider them as part of their identity. That’s why regular moments of connection are so important. It’s also why the development of a culture of regular team building is so important too – the team building is a reflection of the energy and spirit of the organisation.

What pressures are you facing?

Team building, stress and regularity is important to keep all systems healthy and the business humming. At the same time, team building is no longer just about celebrating success and helping people to connect but about working through difficult situations, such as dealing with corporate restructures or mergers, or challenging industries where a culture change is needed.

For more information about team building, please contact us. If you have any questions about this topic, please don’t hesitate to ask us and we’ll also share it in the FAQ section with your permission.


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