Burn out = time to lead


Having individuals who are burnt out is a serious concern this time of the year. It is important that we lead our teams with an awareness that they are stretched.

When looking at creating a culture of leadership, it is important to focus on the needs of the people. If the people are happy, they will perform top notch work. Focusing on creating a strong culture of leadership is a good way to ensure that the people are happy. Any community will have leaders, but it is important for these leaders to remember that they are part of a team.

Our team members are our greatest asset. Remember the things that they do for us. Team members are busy right now. The important things are taking a back seat to the mundane. The important things need to be given as much importance as possible.

Many times we get wrapped up in our own stuff and push aside the hard things for later. We have to work with our team members to help them see that it can be done.

We need to help them see the end in sight. Our team members might be exhausted from the extra workload. The important things are not being done at this moment. Our team members are too busy to help us with the important things. This is a great time for us to put on our leader hats and step up without being asked.

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