Team Building

Art in The Park

Bring the brand of your company to life! Translate your mission into art. The creativity and the talent of your team comes to the fore as they conceptualise , capture and create their own masterpiece. This is the perfect vehicle to understand how your team is thinking. Learn to plan ahead and to work together as you tell your story on canvas.


In It To Win It

Based on the well known TV programme. The contestants using ordinary household items, have to complete a variety of challenges in under sixty seconds. The video blueprint is shown and the teams choose which member has the necessary skills to do the challenge. The Countdown Clock begins and you have only 60 seconds! Does your team have what it takes?

Amazing Chase

Venue-based or making use of vehicles. This team build recreates exactly the look and feel of the world famous TV show. The delegates will have to work together to plan and implement their teams activities as they progress in the race. Communication is a key factor in succeeding and completing the Amazing Race.

Built It For Charity

“Build It” is the ideal community and social investment tool. The reason is that upon completion of the team build , the items that were built are donated to a worthy cause. The teams learn to plan and communicate. The most popular item is a dog kennel, but other items can be selected. Building teams , Building futures and Building you!

Mission Possible

In this activity participants will become secret agents for a stimulating and friendly competition that will help them get to know their colleagues and strengthen the relationships within the team. Your mission is a race against the clock and it includes different missions that promote discussion, cooperation and teamwork.


Activity Sweat level.

A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.