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A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

For over 15 years, Mark Dio & Associates has been headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, we work across the country and around the world. We facilitate client engagement both virtually and face to face.

Our partnerships with our associates gives us a local and international footprint. 

If you need recommendations on a venue, we can help there as well. Team building venues? Hotels and restaurants? Excursions? Retreats and breakaways? We partner with organisations who are registered with the PCO Alliance who work both locally and internationally to support our clients. We love our world, so don’t be surprised if we favour venues in Africa!

Mark Dio has over fifteen years of team building experience. He leads the team and is the key facilitator for the team building journeys we creates for our clients. Mark also partners with highly trained experts where additional capacity or complimentary skills are needed to facilitate sustainable team development. From confidentiality to sensitivity, Mark’s main aim is to provide his clients with value for money. Additional facilitators are consulted and presented to our clients upon request and as part of the co-creating process to deliver high performing teams that can sustain their energy to consistently deliver results that improve business outcomes.

We approach our client requests, challenges and visions with a “Can Do” attitude. We frequently engage and problem solve as effectively as we implement the solutions needed to meet the client’s needs. We take extra time to understand the client’s measure of success to ensure high levels of satisfaction. It’s why our business has been so successful over the years and why our clients call us back, asking for more. We know if you win, we all win.  We support our clients in making sure they make an informed decision, the choice is not ours – but the responsibility to give thoughtful guidance is. We consider ourselves to be value creators and the guides how we work, our attention to the detail and the service we deliver. 

In an ideal world we would like to say x amount of time, but we are working and living in very unpredictable times. The more lead time we have, the better equipped we are to empower our clients so that they don’t make poor investment decisions to build high performing teams. We need time to ask questions, challenge one’s cognitive bias as well as consult with our associates and thinking partners to give us their contributions and insights. We have been known to deliver solutions within a 72hour period, but those clients have been lucky because we were available. The risk you run when you engage with us at the last minute is that we may not be available. Having said that though – our Can Do attitude and ability to expertly problem solve, we have seldom let a client down because we could not deliver within their time frames. Contact us today today and make a booking. We’ll try our best to make a plan and bring your vision to life!

Well that depends on how much you want to spend, how challenged your team is and the longevity you are wanting to achieve after the event or intervention by Mark and his team has been concluded. We have a rate card team for procurement teams, please email mark@markdio.co.za for further assistance. There are lots of variables to consider like how many people, for how long, where and what materials you will need.

We believe in value for money as well as offer our clients retainer services for those who want ongoing team building support.

We also offer free resources  for our clients and website visitors. Click here to view our blog and latest news.

Programs can typically last between 1.5 hours or up to as many days as building a team and energising them will take. Learning and Development programs can last 4-8 hours, and include periodic followups so these program can last as long as the team needs support from Mark Dio & Associates.


Yes! We have a creative team on standby to make sure the experience you have is customised to your brand, your business and the vision you have for you team to experience our services. We would love to co-create and make your even look as magical as we plan for your team to feel!

Many of our team building programs include a competitive element, they are friendly and motivating but are also at the discretion of you as a client. Winners are typically determined by accumulated points throughout the event, lucky draws or teams vote for one another when we work in a big group.

Sometimes our clients ask them to organise the competition prizes within their budget, but more often than not we don’t furnish prizes, aside from bragging rights.

Some clients do choose to sweeten the pot by giving out modest prizes to winning teams. We suggest you keep the cash value of these prizes low (R250+). Company branded items  or gift certificates for Takealot, Exclusive Books, Amazon, Woolworths or any local business work well.

Another popular approach is to make a donation to a local charity in the name of your winning team which many of our clients often do and in consideration of the times we are living in.

Some of our programs are designed with a specific charitable partnership in mind e.g. building a dog kennel and donating that to the SPCA. We will also work with charities of your choice and are just as comfortable make some recommendations of our own as well.

Toxic work environments, burn out and  challenging economic times have increased both stress and the demands we are living in. Now more than ever building teams and supporting them is critical to achieving ongoing and sustainable success. We support leaders are who are trauma informed and know that building teams and creating environments where they thrive is the best way to achieve organisational goals. Ask us about our experience and interventions to support your team today.

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