About Us

We build teams not only at once-off events, but to create long lasting, meaningful impact. Mark doesn’t only support leaders in building teams, but builds team to support leaders! Our team building projects create opportunities for connection to not only feel good, sometimes it’s to do good too! We do team building in the ways that matter – helping innovators thrive or connecting innovators who want to build a team that improves the world!

Building Teams Starts With YOU!

Why is it so hard to get people to work together? We do more than just infect you with “feel good” once off experiences. We’re about creating long lasting value for you and your team! We’ve worked with international clients to build sustainable winning teams with a holistic approach that supports your business strategy for growth.


About Mark Diogenidis

Founder of Mark Dio & Associates, Mark is an expert at building teams to support leaders who need high performing collectives! This is his magic and key differentiator, as well as the inspiration behind Mark Dio & Associates! From non-profit organisations and software developers to clinical psychologists, Mark is mindful to surround himself with associates who care as much about teams as they do about the continent of Africa. An advocate for shared-value, this is how Mark does business.

His work benefits communities of other people, his local and international clients contribute to so much more when they work with him and his team. Mark is mindful about contributing to the growth of the South African economy by consciously contributing to results he wants to see in his country. He is a Team Building Expert, MC and voice over artists with over 15yrs of experience building teams in a variety of industries around the world. He is a South African connector and a builder of teams for today, tomorrow - together for you!

Consulting & Co-Creating

You find the problems, we’ll be your thinking partner in finding solutions. We have a network of associates and expert thinking partners that we consult with, alternatively we will partner with you and your thinking partners to collaborate and co-create solutions that support individual, team and organisational effectiveness. When you win, we win!

Thinking Partners & Associates

We have an extensive network of associates and thinking partners who provide research insights, program facilitation and consulting services for complex and challenged teams. We also support non-profit organisation, Africans United, who provide discounted self empowerment tools for individual support. From a clinical psychologist and software developer to an Insights partner and professional conference organisers – we’re here for you!


Michelle Ashen

Insights partner and founder of Africans United, a non-profit organisation that advocates for digital, mental and health literacy. She is an insurance marketing creative, professional coach, MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) practitioner, a TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) provider for stress mastery as well as a mental fitness coach. Our clients enjoy the benefit of supporting an Insights partner who supports and advocates for digital literacy as well as the associated trauma that children experience, raising mentally fit African digital citizens of the future.

Flooris Van Der Walt

Flooris Van Der Walt

This international expert is a Swiss/South African clinical psychologist and executive coach. He is passionate about working in toxic working environments, collective trauma, developing trauma informed leadership and follows predominantly an integrative psychodynamic framework. Flooris is an expert at working in smaller teams looking for transformational shifts so that they can unleash their potential and achieve the strategic objectives set out for them. We partner with Flooris to deliver programs that help teams deal with ambiguity and change; influencing others, taking ownership and accountability.


Mangaliso Twala

Owner of Colour & Code, a digital coach and co-creator of Kids Who Code, a digital literacy program to support the development of safe and self-disciplined digital African citizens in partnership with Africans United. He is a first generation African software developer in South Africa with clients from around the world. He is passionate about Africa and committed to raising teams and supporting entrepreneurs in unleashing their potential with technology as a key resource and partner to scale their efforts. He is also Mark's personal digital coach and go-to-guy on all things related to Web 3.0, cryptocurrency and NFTs.